Spread the word

Below are all the tools to help you share your story, ask for donations and thank people for their support.

Simply 'click' download and you’ll be ready to go. You can upload them to your social feed or page in place of a photo, send them to your contacts directly through messenger, or print them off and use them to talk about your event (if you're holding one!). It’s up to you.

Social templates

Download these images and post them on your Facebook wall or event pages to share your story and request donations. Make sure you include your JustGiving link in the post too!

A green social post with the words Every Donation CountsDownload

Printable posters

Download and print the poster that works for you. Some have been left blank for you to fill in for yourself once printed.

Printable thank you cards

Download, print off and give to your loved ones to say thanks for their support.

Instagram Frames

Download this image and upload to your instagram stories or feed. Use the test formats to write in your milestone moment or loved one's name.

Messenger stickers

Download these messenger stickers to your photo album then send them to your contacts to request donations, invite people to an event or thank them for their support.